White Sage and Smudging Benefits

The white sage is an ancient technique which is gaining popularity in today’s stressful lifestyle. The word Sage is derived from Latin word “salvia” meaning to feel healthy. The white sage is sold in bundles and are also popularly known as smudge stick. The process of burning of sage is known as Smudging.
White Sage is an ancient custom of purification; therefore, it is important for a user to know the right way of smudging. During the process of smudging the white sage top of the bundle should meet a flame. Hold the white sage in the air and move around the room. It is important to smudge every niche and corner of the room which also includes the closet.

* never leave the burning sage unattended.
* Do not inundate the burning sage in water after smudging, to put off fire.

White Sage in Canada are becoming popular because of its benefits. The white sage burning is mainly practiced for transforming the environment with more positivity. Other than this there are many more benefits of white sage smudging which are widely accepted.

White Sage and Smudging benefits are as follows:

  • Purifying. Other than spiritual purification white sage is also used for physical purification because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is believed that bacteria, virus and Fungai stay away with white sage smoke.
  • The environment/ air has some positive ions in the form of pollution, dust particles and mold. It is believed that negative ions released from the burning white sage neutralizes the air, making air cleaner and clearer.
  • Give relief to the people suffering from respiratory problem. Although there is no scientific proof to it, but it is believed that people having problems like asthma, allergies, bronchitis etc. get benefit from smudging process.
    Caution: The people with respiratory problems should not enter the room when white sages is burning. They should wait outside till the smoke in the room get cleared.
  • Quality of sleep. The people having problem in sleep also get benefitted with burning of white sages.
  • The mood upliftment. As already discussed, smudging removes negativity. Therefore, it uplifts the mood and reduces stress. The people having anxiety or depression get benefit from smudging.
  • Some studies also reveal that smudging white sages also helps in improving one’s memory and focus.
  • Fragrance in surroundings. How can we ignore the aromatic effect of white sage? The white sage divine aroma has fragrance which is exceptionally smoothing.

After knowing so much about white sage and smudging you would like to know what all you need to buy for smudging and from where. Requirements for smudging process are:

  • White sage bundle
  • Matches
  • astly, bowl of ceramic or glass is optional. This container is basically for holding burnt sages and to accumulate ashes.
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