4 Best Meditation Cushion in Canada 2020

Meditation cushion Zafu is a round cushion, it is an important prop for meditation. Meditation cushion also called ZAFU. Meditation cushion came from china. It is a very basic thing in Japanese life. Zafu is a combination of two-word ZA means “seat” and FU means “Happiness”. It is likewise utilized a considerable amount for Zen Meditation Practices.

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4 Best Meditation Cushion in Canada 2020

1)  Round Cotton Meditation Cushion, Zafu – Yogavni, Round Cotton Filled Meditation Cushions are the best meditation cushion. Filled with pure cotton. It offers you extraordinary postural support and alleviating strain to help you in Meditation. It has a sturdy handle on one side with the help of this you can position it quickly underneath you. Dimension 13″ W x 6″ H.

2) Crescent Meditation Cushion, Zafu – These cushions are also called half-moon meditation cushions; the shape is a heart shape. It gives you proper height and provides more solace. It helps you to sit for deeper meditation. Crescent Meditation Zafu is designed in such a way that it improves the position during yoga and meditation by alleviating pressure from the back and lower joints.

3) Rectangular Meditation Cushion, Zafu – Rectangular Zafu Meditation Cushion used by Zen Buddhism. It provides ideal support during meditation for sitting. Yogavni, cushion help to maintain posture keeping back straight. Its is filled with cotton. These Meditation cushions are firm if you want less firmness you can adjust that as per your preference by removing cotton or buckwheat from inside.

4) Rando Meditation cushion – Cylindrical Zafu without pleats called as Rondo. It will come with a removable cover. It is filled with unbleached cotton. The outer cover has a zipper and handles for carrying. The inner casing is filled with 100% natural cotton. It provides conform and support during yoga and Meditation.

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