Four Ways To Use Your Rectangular Yoga Bolster

Rectangular Yoga Bolster

Rectangular Yoga Bolster Canada

A yoga bolster is a body pillow yet firmer and either rectangular or roundabout fit as a fiddle. It’s an important prop for yoga practice. It makes unwinding, helps relax a pose, or helps in opening the body.

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Use of Rectangular Yoga Bolsters-

  • Support Backbend – This is an astounding method to begin or complete your yoga practice. It’s a quick heart opener that permits the shoulders, chest, and midriff to open and unwind, while the head, neck, and back are completely bolstered. It additionally helps in making space in the lower back district and facilitates pressure.
  • Support Camel Pose – Camel present is an advance yoga poster. That can cause low back pain easily. therefore it’s very important to practice this pose with bolster. With a steady practice – one will arrive at the full articulation however there will never be any rush!
  • Savasana Pose – Savasana is seemingly one of the most significant and adored stances of the yoga practice. It’s an opportunity to discover stillness and let the body and psyche totally relax. It’s the place we coordinate the development of the training and our being into one. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which lying on a hard, level surface is totally awkward and stillness is no place in locate. The arrangement – A YOGA BOLSTER! This is an extraordinary method to stretch and make space in the lower back locale, enabling the back body to unwind and relax down into the ground.
  • Support Forward Fold – Forward folds are a wonderful method to extend the muscles. It tends to reinforce or unwinding contingent upon every individual’s objective. using bolsters and forward fold on it has a huge number of advantages, including extends the hamstrings, low-back, and spine while quieting the brain and lessening pressure and uneasiness.

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Yogavni, 100% cotton Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolsters provides exactly the support you need for countless seated and lying down yoga postures. You will find that this rectangular cotton yoga bolster is very soft, but at the same time, provides firm support.

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The large bolster measures 24-Inch-long x 6-Inch-high x 12 Inch wide. The small bolster measures 22 Inch long x 5 Inch high x 8 Inch Wide. Our rectangular yoga bolsters are stuffed with cotton batting and come in wide range of colors. Please note that these bolsters are NOT filled with foam and because of the fluffy nature of cotton the actual measurements are slightly bigger. Not to worry, cotton will settle over time.


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