White Sage and Smudging Benefits

The white sage is an ancient technique which is gaining popularity in today’s stressful lifestyle. The word Sage is derived from Latin word “salvia” meaning to feel healthy. The white sage is sold in bundles and are also popularly known as smudge stick. The process of burning of sage is known as Smudging.
White Sage is an ancient custom of purification; therefore, it is important for a user to know the right way of smudging. During the process of smudging the white sage top of the bundle should meet a flame. Hold the white sage in the air and move around the room. It is important to smudge every niche and corner of the room which also includes the closet.

* never leave the burning sage unattended.
* Do not inundate the burning sage in water after smudging, to put off fire.

White Sage in Canada are becoming popular because of its benefits. The white sage burning is mainly practiced for transforming the environment with more positivity. Other than this there are many more benefits of white sage smudging which are widely accepted.

White Sage and Smudging benefits are as follows:

  • Purifying. Other than spiritual purification white sage is also used for physical purification because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is believed that bacteria, virus and Fungai stay away with white sage smoke.
  • The environment/ air has some positive ions in the form of pollution, dust particles and mold. It is believed that negative ions released from the burning white sage neutralizes the air, making air cleaner and clearer.
  • Give relief to the people suffering from respiratory problem. Although there is no scientific proof to it, but it is believed that people having problems like asthma, allergies, bronchitis etc. get benefit from smudging process.
    Caution: The people with respiratory problems should not enter the room when white sages is burning. They should wait outside till the smoke in the room get cleared.
  • Quality of sleep. The people having problem in sleep also get benefitted with burning of white sages.
  • The mood upliftment. As already discussed, smudging removes negativity. Therefore, it uplifts the mood and reduces stress. The people having anxiety or depression get benefit from smudging.
  • Some studies also reveal that smudging white sages also helps in improving one’s memory and focus.
  • Fragrance in surroundings. How can we ignore the aromatic effect of white sage? The white sage divine aroma has fragrance which is exceptionally smoothing.

After knowing so much about white sage and smudging you would like to know what all you need to buy for smudging and from where. Requirements for smudging process are:

  • White sage bundle
  • Matches
  • astly, bowl of ceramic or glass is optional. This container is basically for holding burnt sages and to accumulate ashes.
    The purity is foremost important during smudging. We here at Healthy Life Cycle assure no touching of white sage to assure their purity. HLC is renowned online store in Canada. Both the quality and price of white sage sold here assures customer satisfaction. Explore the webstore www.healthylifecycle.ca to buy your white sage bundle at the best price.

Aroma Oils Essential Oils

The Benefits of Aroma Oil Essential oil

The market is exploded with essential oils and diffusers. These essential oils are utilized not only for positive spirituality but also to treat diseases for a great many years. The aroma market in Canada has grown enormously and progressively, as people are becoming conscious about their healthy wellbeing and glowing skin. These aromatic oils are made from, leaves, stems, roots and seeds from bloomed flowers and plants. It is the fragrance of this oil which contains healing properties. This fragrance is too strong. Therefore, it is diffused or weaken.

These aroma oils are available in various assorted fragrances. Each fragrance has its own benefits. Below discuss are the benefits of the aroma essential oils.

1. Eucalyptus Oil
The application of eucalyptus oil is the best solution for sinus problem. Be it a cold or influenza season, breathing the eucalyptus oil usage opens the nose nasals by increasing air ways. The antimicrobial properties in eucalyptus oil fight against the infections. You can put eucalyptus oil in your handkerchief, a diffuser, or rub on your chest. The Eucalyptus oil usage is directly associated with sinus and nose benefits, hence, is advisable to keep your respiratory track clear especially in this COVID time. The pure and effective eucalyptus aroma oil is easily available online in Canada.

2. Lavender Oil
Lavender is a popular smell, and this oil is the most known essential oils. Lavender oil used in diffusers spread the positive energy in the premises. It has a property to mitigate both the brain and the skin. Lavender aroma oil recovering properties is beneficial in treating wounds and in treating sleek skin.
The pure lavender oil can know be bought online at both Canada & USA without any hassle.

3. Jasmine Oil
Another prevalent aroma oil is Jasmine oil which is extracted from Jasmine plant. Jasmine oil has emollient properties. Jasmine oil acts as a wonderful moisturiser for skin and hair. This mild and effective aroma oil can also be used on infants’ tender skin. The odour of Jasmine aroma oil also has its impact on nervous system by uplifting mood and relaxing body.
Jasmine oil is the popular aroma oil because of its fragrance.

4. Sandalwood Oil
Sandalwood oil is extracted from one of the most valuable trees in the world called Santalum album. From ancient past this oil is widely used for many medical treatments, especially in Ayurveda. Few of the medical problems treated with Sandalwood aroma oil are cold, muscle pain, digestive disorder etc. Due to its fragrance Sandalwood oils are also popular in aroma therapy and are used in perfumes too.
This easily available aroma oil can be used in a diffuser to have soothing fragrance at your home, offices, studios etc.

5. White Sage Fragrance Oil

White Sage essential oil is widely recommended and used in aromatherapy applications. Its usage benefits are visible in health, beauty, and meditation. The white sage oil fragrance adds positivity in the environment.
The white sage oil soothes both physical and mental discomforts. Its usage soothes the various systems like digestive, respiratory and female’s mensuration problems. The white sage essential oil is beneficial in spiritual stimulation. It’s aroma balance, uplift, soothes and clarify mind and soul. Thus, giving relief to both mind and body.

Aroma oils are available in assorted range and can easily be bought online at Healthy Life Cycle. The pure and natural aroma oils at best price are found here. HLC is a trusted name for providing natural products for healthy and spiritual living. The burning essence of the aromatic oils not only keeps the surroundings pleasant but also keeps one healthy in body and mind. Visit www.healthylifecycle.ca for pure and effective aromatic oils online.

Buy Yoga Accessories in Canada

Buy Yoga Accessories Canada from Healthy Life Cycle. Healthy Life Cycle is located in Mississauga, On Canada. They sell yoga accessories online and at their store.

Yoga Accessories and yoga props they sell are –

  1. Yoga Mats
  2. Yoga Bolsters
  3. Yoga Blocks
  4. Yoga Straps
  5. Yoga Mexican Blankets
  6. Yoga Eye Pillow

They supplies yoga accessories Canada and US. Free shipping above $49.99.

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How to use a Yoga Bolster

For all yogis, the essence of yoga lies in the posture you perform. It stimulates all your muscles and calls for an inner synergy of body and mind. To ensure your posture is perfect and that you’re relaxed, many yogis prefer to use props such as Yoga bolsters, Yoga blocks, Yoga straps, Yoga mats etc. A very popular yoga prop used is a Yoga bolster – be it for restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, Iyengar yoga or even doing yoga in the comfort of your home.

A yoga bolsters is like a body pillow but firmer and either rectangular or circular in shape. The main purpose is to create relaxation, help soften a posture, or aid in opening up the body. It provides comfort, supports poses and increase stretching during restorative postures and deep breathing exercises.

The history dates back to the 1960s, when yoga teachers such as B.K.S. Iyengar noticed that many of their students had trouble maintaining proper posture in certain poses due to injury or lack of flexibility. Iyengar therefore developed and introduced props and equipment to help people access poses with greater comfort and better form.

Finding the right yoga bolster for you is important, things you should consider before buying include shape (cylindrical/ rectangular/ lean), size (varies based on usage), weight (depending on what they’re filled with), filling (recron, buckwheat or polyester), color & pattern (not a deciding feature but choose a color that celebrates you!).

Some wonderful yoga bolster options from Healthy Life Cycle help alleviate tension throughout the body so you can focus on your asanas.

Buy Yoga Bolsters

While a bolster can be used for various asanas, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 7 asanas used.

Find quick tips on how to use your yoga bolster to them here-

1. Savasana / Resting posture Place the yoga bolster directly under your knees and let the legs and let your feet float freely

2. Backbend Place bolster vertically behind you, lining the short end directly with the low back. Be sure to snug the bolster as close to the body as possible, then slowly lie back over it.

3. Paschimottanasana / Forward fold Stretch both legs out in front of the body and place the yoga bolster directly on top of the legs.

4. Upavistha Konasana / Wide seated forward bend Place the bolster in front of hips, lining up with the trunk of the body.

5. Sukhasana Find a comfortable cross-legged position on top of the bolster – ankles stacked in front of one another, half lotus, or full lotus position

6. Viparita Karani / Legs up the wall pose Press your feet into the wall and lift your pelvis up so you can slide your bolster underneath your pelvis.

7. Balasana / child’s pose Let your arms drape either side of the yoga bolster – it might even be nice to let your hands wrap underneath the bolster as if you were giving it a little hug. Either way, find a version that lets your shoulders rest.

So go on, make your yoga experience easier, deeper, clearer and more meaningful by choosing a yoga bolsters that’s right for you today!

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4 Best Meditation Cushion in Canada 2020

Meditation cushion Zafu is a round cushion, it is an important prop for meditation. Meditation cushion also called ZAFU. Meditation cushion came from china. It is a very basic thing in Japanese life. Zafu is a combination of two-word ZA means “seat” and FU means “Happiness”. It is likewise utilized a considerable amount for Zen Meditation Practices.

Where to buy Meditation cushion Zafu –

If you are looking to buy a Meditation Cushion, Healthy life Cycle is the one-stop. We sell the best meditation cushion in Canada. If you are looking for a wholesale Meditation cushion call us. Deliver all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast. Find hundreds of our satisfied customers in Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Johns, St. John, Fredericton, and Labrador, and Halifax

Buy Meditation Zafu Online

4 Best Meditation Cushion in Canada 2020

1)  Round Cotton Meditation Cushion, Zafu – Yogavni, Round Cotton Filled Meditation Cushions are the best meditation cushion. Filled with pure cotton. It offers you extraordinary postural support and alleviating strain to help you in Meditation. It has a sturdy handle on one side with the help of this you can position it quickly underneath you. Dimension 13″ W x 6″ H.

2) Crescent Meditation Cushion, Zafu – These cushions are also called half-moon meditation cushions; the shape is a heart shape. It gives you proper height and provides more solace. It helps you to sit for deeper meditation. Crescent Meditation Zafu is designed in such a way that it improves the position during yoga and meditation by alleviating pressure from the back and lower joints.

3) Rectangular Meditation Cushion, Zafu – Rectangular Zafu Meditation Cushion used by Zen Buddhism. It provides ideal support during meditation for sitting. Yogavni, cushion help to maintain posture keeping back straight. Its is filled with cotton. These Meditation cushions are firm if you want less firmness you can adjust that as per your preference by removing cotton or buckwheat from inside.

4) Rando Meditation cushion – Cylindrical Zafu without pleats called as Rondo. It will come with a removable cover. It is filled with unbleached cotton. The outer cover has a zipper and handles for carrying. The inner casing is filled with 100% natural cotton. It provides conform and support during yoga and Meditation.

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4 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Yoga Mat in 2020

It’s always a challenge to find the right yoga mat!

Use our 4-step guide to get the right mat match.

In ancient times, traditional yoga (meditative & Hatha) was practiced in India on bare ground/grass or on animal skins. With the westward transmission of yoga, many yogis used towels or cotton mats to help them with the asanas. However, feet tended to skid and hands tended to slip. To prevent the slipping, ‘sticky mats’ (which were essentially carpet underlay cut to towel-like sizes) were first introduced in Germany in the 1980s. In the 1990s, there was a full-blown production underway for these yoga mats. However, they crumbled soon & people yearned for more robust and durable alternatives.

With the passage of time and the modernization of yoga, some forms have become more energetic. Now, whichever form of yoga you choose –there are diverse yoga mats available and befitting your unique body traits.

With so many options to choose from, making a choice becomes very hard. So drill down and focus on your priorities for buying a mat. No matter what style of yoga you practice, there’s a mat out there for you.

Recent trends show that at least 21 million people across the U.S. practice yoga! So if you’re a budding yogi or even looking to replace an old mat, you’re in luck.

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Yoga Mat in 2020

  1. Grip, grip, grip: It’s one of the most crucial things to test when buying a yoga mat. Make sure your hands don’t slip and that the mat doesn’t shift.
  2. Well padded: A well-padded mat can enable building strength – especially for new yogis. It not only builds muscle strength but also prevents injury. Just watch out for Yoga mats with too much foam which may not be right for your asanas.
  3. Light & easy: Look for a yoga mat that folds easily and is lightweight so it can be carried around effortlessly.
  4. Quality above all: Cheap mats are found a dime a dozen. Choose the right Yoga mat that honours your body and is sculpted for the yoga you do. A few extra dollars on a good mat, are truly priceless.

The yoga mat is quintessentially the only tool you need! It can truly make or break a class.

Still, confused on the right mat for you? Here are some top recommendations from yoga teachers on the mats they use & love –

  • Yoga mats for beginners: An all-purpose mat for at-home workout routines and simple yoga moves. The 4mm Yoga Mat or the 6mm Yoga Mats are essentials, designed for beginner yogis. With a firm grip, it provides stability for all your asanas. Choose a 4mm for sturdiness and 6mm for extra cushion. The mat is equipped with elastic bands and can be easily rolled up and carried around.

Our recommendation: Healthy Life Cycle makes the perfect mats for beginners

  • Kids Yoga Mats: Yoga is fun for all ages. These mats are designed for kids between the ages of 5-8. They are specially crafted with non-slip surfaces so kids can focus and concentrate on the asanas.

Our recommendation: Healthy Life Cycle kid’s mats are ideal and available in an array of colors

  • Yoga mats for pros: If you’re a pro yogi and are looking for comfort, density, and durability, a pro mat is a way to go. Designed to last a lifetime, this mat will provide sturdy support to all your asanas.

Our recommendation:  A yoga mat which is tried tested and highly reliable is from Healthy Life Cycle.

Yoga is like a spiritual awakening and listening to your body and mind in tandem. Make this spiritual space effortless by choosing the right yoga mat and not wasting time in losing balance or slipping.

Use our guide to find your perfect mat match and enjoy your holistic yoga experience.

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Yoga Bolster Toronto

Buy Yoga Bolsters in Canada from Healthy Life Cycle.

Healthy Life Cycle is the Distributor and Retailer of Yoga Props and Accessories.  They Offer Best Price. Call You Wholesale Pricing.

Address: 6750 Davand Dr #5, Mississauga, ON L5T 2L8

Mon to Fri: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST
Sat & Sun: Closed

Toll Free: 1 844 858 0025

Shop Now – Yoga Bolsters toronto

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Where To Buy Yoga Mats Canada 2020

If you are looking to buy yoga mat in Canada, there is only one stop, its healthylifecycle.ca. Healthy Life Cycle is a Distributor and Retailer of Yoga Mat.

Healthy Life Cycle has always offered an extremely essential and superbly dependable Yoga Mat. They sell Yogavni brand yoga mat. The grip of the mats is very good. Its light weighted and eco-friendly yoga mats. It’s soft and padded enough to give cushion to your knees and elbow. Regardless of whether you begin to sweat and need to put a yoga towel down, it gives a pleasant grasping surface.

Buy Yoga Mats in Canada

They provide four types of yoga mat in Canada –

  • Starter Yoga Mat – These yoga mats are 4mm, perfect for the beginner. Made up of PER; it is Completely Free from Phthalates, Latex and Toxic Heavy Metals
  • Deluxe Studio Yoga Mat – Deluxe Studio Quality, Extra Thick – 6mm Yoga Mat. Made of PER; Completely Free from Phthalates, Latex and Toxic Heavy Metals
  • Kids Yoga Mat – 4mm Thick KIDS Yoga Mat. Made of PER; Completely Free from Phthalates, Latex and Toxic Heavy Metals
  • Extra Thick Professional-grade Yoga mat – These yoga mats are 10mm thick and it provides you Extra Comfort and Cushioning.

Yogavni, Yoga Mats are used by Yoga Studio, Yoga teachers and Schools.  provide You can purchase Yoga mat in bulk from Healthy Life Cycle.

Shop Now :- Yogavni, Yoga Mats Canada

Supplier in all across Canada. Shipping from the East Coast to the West Coast, Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, St. Johns, St. John, Fredericton, and Labrador.

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